Castings & Stamping Parts Order Process

If you are looking for custom castings & stamping parts manufacturing services, please get the following materials well prepared.

  • Drawings (CAD files or 3D model files)
    A casting and drawings in DWG, DXF and PDF formats

    CAD files in dwg, dxf and PDF formats.

    3D model drawing

    3D model files for precision parts in step, ipt, obj, igs or stl formats

  • Raw materials, specifications, heat treatment and surface treatment information. If you are confused about how to choose raw materials or heat treatment, please tell us your application environments and requirements, we will provide you with professional suggestions.
  • If you have any special requirement, please state it in the drawings or e-mails and then you can get a quick and accurate quotation.

If you are interested in Haomin casting & stamping products, or you need custom casting & stamping part services, you can place an order online to save your time. Please fill out the form below and upload your project data file, you will get an accurate quotation.

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